Why Aren’t You Listening to “The Bright Sessions”?

The Bright Sessions is an audio drama about therapy for the strange and unusual — otherwise known as people with special powers, known in the show’s universe as atypicals. The podcast is a compilation of the recordings that Dr. Joan Bright makes of her sessions with her patients. She specializes only in atypical people, helping them to harness and control their powers and be able to live a relatively normal life once they have control. Her work also helps to avoid her patients fall into the hands of more nefarious people looking to exploit or abuse them.

This podcast is well-written, sensitive, brilliantly voice-acted and gripping to listen to. Each character you are introduced to has a different ability and different ways of coping, and are well-rounded. You’ll fall in love with them quickly, and care about their well-being, their lives, and their mundane everyday struggles that can be made harder by their ability. Their stories progress in a natural manner, which I appreciated greatly when listening to the series for the first time.

Most episodes are relatively short (especially in the first season), so they’re easy to binge-listen in a short amount of time. The creators also post original bonus content often, such as blogs for the characters, notes from Dr. Bright’s desk, and more. The podcast is on hiatus for the month of February, so it’s a great time to get caught up and wait anxiously with me for more!

It is best going in knowing as little as possible, so I’ll stop here. You can find The Bright Sessions on iTunes, Stitcher, or at thebrightsessions.com/listen.



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