Why You Should Try Podcasts



I started listening to podcasts a couple of years ago. At the time, it was just the weekly book news oriented Book Riot podcast, and it has slowly grown from there. I started listening to their other podcasts that included book recommendation, new book releases and their form of Dear Abby podcasts. I’d added the podcasts from Blizzard Watch as well, their main and Lore Watch podcasts and thought I was pretty set.

Then, I read this post about story-driven horror podcasts.

I’d heard about Serial, but hadn’t really thought about the fact that there could be podcasts that had continuing story, that were heavily produced and edited. I decided to try Limetown first. It started a down-the-rabbit hole spiral of finding other similar podcasts to listen to, and binge-listening each one while cooking, playing video games, cleaning, and even just sitting in bed playing simple games on my iPad. I was hooked.

Listening to podcasts has started to help me understand why radio was such a huge source of entertainment for people before television became widespread. It helps me understand why people thought that the 1938 radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds was happening as they listened.

I know almost all of the podcasts I have been listening to lately are fictional docudramas (with the exception of Lore), but they are so brilliantly produced, written, and acted that it feels like it could be real. I’ve enjoyed the anticipation of waiting for the next episode; of reading discussions on Reddit for the podcasts, exchanging theories and discussing the parts you liked best; and, of course, having that feeling where you want to know so much more but you look at your phone and realize there’s only two minutes left and you’re going to have to wait until the next one.

These podcasts have created a respite for my ears when I’m in between audiobooks (or even regular books!) to listen to while I do other things. I think if you like stories, like audiobooks, or even enjoy watching/listening to TV while getting other things done, you will enjoy podcasts in general, but especially the “docudrama” types. Here is a list of the ones I’ve been listening to and see if any of them look interesting!

  • The Black Tapes by Pacific Northwest Stories & Minnow Beats Whale
  • TANIS by Pacific Northwest Stories & Minnow Beats Whale
  • Lore by Aaron Mahnke (folklore and stories passed down in real life that are based on supposedly true happenings)
  • NoSleep Podcast (horror stories written by people on Reddit and then produced for audio)
  • Limetown (currently on hiatus, but I highly recommend the first season)

Do you listen to any podcasts? Do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments! 


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