I Got a DXRacer and It Was Worth It

So as we’ve established, I’ve been home for a couple of months straight in the most literal sense. I spend a ton of time at the computer: looking for jobs, writing blog posts, gaming, working on other projects (coding, more recently video editing), and eating dinner while watching the Daily Show.

Previous to around March of last year, I didn’t own a desktop computer. Because of this, I used my laptop anywhere but at a desk. This meant I also didn’t own a true desk chair because it would have gone essentially unused. When I did get my desktop computer built last year, I had to sit at a desk and since I didn’t have a desk chair yet, I used an armchair as my desk chair. I was also only spending maybe 2-4 hours a day in it, so it wasn’t terrible. The worst would be having to sit for 2 hours for raid, and once I stopped raiding, it wasn’t as much of an issue.


You can probably imagine why this chair ended up being not-so-comfortable.

But then I end up being home all the time after being laid off, and my chair began to really hurt my whole body. I knew that if I was going to spend this much time at my desk (especially if I ended up getting a job where I could work remotely), that I was going to need a good chair.

Being involved in gaming and esports, I had definitely heard of the DXRacer chairs. I had taken a look at their website and was waffling over whether I should buy one. It seemed like a really huge purchase to make when you’re unemployed. At the same time, when I looked at desk chairs on Amazon, they were nearly as expensive as the DXRacer anyway, and most of them didn’t even have a high seat back, not to mention any of the other features a DXRacer offers. After some thought and discussion with Boyfriend (who offered to help with cost if needed), I decided to go for the DXRacer F-Series (which is the standard, smallest gaming chair they offer). They notoriously go out of stock every few days, so it was a definite challenge to make sure to catch it at the right time, order it, and make sure it got shipped here okay.

The day it arrived, I was waiting impatiently to receive a FedEx delivery notification, a knock on the door, anything to signal that the truck had arrived. Since we don’t have apartment numbers at my building, I was terrified they were going to try the wrong door and then I’d have to go pick it up in a city over an hour away. Although they weren’t supposed to drop it off without a signature, as soon as I got the email notification that it had been delivered, I rushed outside to find it on the doorstep of the big house that’s currently vacant. I ran back to my apartment, grabbed my dolly, and put its box and the chair mat I had also ordered on it and rolled it all the way back to my side of the house. Did I mention it was raining? Oh yeah, it was raining. -_-

I managed to get it into my stairwell, but knew I couldn’t get it up the stairs on my own and Boyfriend was coming over anyway to help me get it upstairs and build it. The process went fairly easily, and soon we had the entire thing built. DXRacer even included a nice little mat that’s supposed to wick moisture when you’re gaming in warm conditions. It’s going to be really nice in the summertime with just the window air conditioner in the kitchen and the way my computer heats up the entire living room.



Built chair and moisture-wicking mat!



The entire setup. Although you can’t see it too well here, my computer is also mostly red and black.

It’s been a few weeks since I began using the chair, and I think it was worth every penny. I am practicing much better posture since I got it, I don’t hurt anymore, and the amount of adjustments I can make to make the chair perfect for whatever activity I’m doing is phenomenal. Plus, the chair is simply great quality. When we were building it, Boyfriend and I were both marveling at the inside construction, and how it is built from metal and other good quality materials that ensures it’s going to last for a really long time.

In the end, I’m ridiculously happy with this chair. Is it for everyone? Probably not: I don’t think most people spend the amount of time I do at a desk. However, I don’t think it’d be a bad purchase simply for its quality and support it gives that is going to last for years.

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