Fantasy LCS Spring: Who To Draft

The League of Legends Championship series Spring Split begins on January 14. Drafts for Fantasy LCS begin on January 7, and I am ready for it! This year’s teams are scrambled, to say the least. Previous splits haven’t seen as much team switching as there has been for this split, but I have some suggestions on the top 5 picks to draft and some people to keep an eye on this season.

Top 5 Picks

TSM YellowstarFNC-yellowstar-2015Summer

For the past two splits, I have sneakily taken Yellowstar as my first pick for my fantasy team out from under my league mates and it has never failed to be a good choice. Despite support players usually being the lowest scoring on each team since they are discouraged from getting kills, Yellowstar consistently scored more points than any other support I’ve seen and sometimes helped me win games for that week when my other players were doing poorly. He is a consistent, excellent support who is good to have on your fantasy roster.


C9 SneakySneaky+profile+small-2

Sneaky is one of the best ADCs in North America, no questions asked. He is consistent, skilled, and does things that you wouldn’t expect even when he hasn’t had much support or is behind in a game. I watch him stream quite a bit because it’s just amazing watching what he can do with the champions he plays. He’s a great pick up for fantasy because he should score consistent points. #LeagueofSneaky, anyone?

OG PowerofEvilUoL-powerofevil-2015

PowerofEvil is filling some big shoes this year in replacing Origen team owner Xpeke in mid lane, but I think he’s up for the challenge. He was a consistent performer when playing with Unicorns of Love last year, and pulled off some amazing plays and pentakills on signature champions like Orianna. He should do well with his new team around him and will be a good pick for your fantasy roster.


FNC Febivenfebiven

Febiven has proven himself to be a rising star for mid lane players. In his rookie season, he showed just a fragment of what he was made of. He 1v1ed Faker more than once and won. He’s definitely a must-pick for your fantasy league, he’s going to do well.



C9 Rushbunny-fufuu-and-rush

As jungler for Team Impulse last season, Rush was one of the highest scoring players in fantasy league last split. He is a capable jungler and will bring some points to your scoreboard. Even though he’s with a new team, I think he’s a good pick to have on your list.


People to Watch


RNG Remiliaremilia

Renegades won their LCS spot in last split’s Challenger series, and after some time where she wasn’t sure if she’d play in LCS, she’s decided to stay for spring split. I’m really excited to see how she does this spring, and to see some more epic Thresh hooks from her. She has a lot of potential and as the season goes on, we’ll see how the fantasy points play out.


IMT Pobelterclg-pobelter-2015Summer

Pobelter had a promising split with CLG last season, and scored decent fantasy points. He has a new team (to him and to the LCS) which may present some growing pains, but he should settle in quickly and may be a good pickup or trade for later on in the season.



VIT KaSingkasingplayer

Honestly, the only reason KaSing is not on my Top 5 picks is because he’s on a brand new team, but there isn’t something called “the KaSing factor” for no reason. He scored above average points for a support last season with H2K, and I would expect the same from him on Vitality.


VIT HjärnanH2K-HJARNAN-2015

Hjarnan goes hand-in-hand with KaSing. He has said several times after games that the reason he is one of the highest-performing ADCs in Europe is because of KaSing. This dynamic duo is worth picking up as alternates at the beginning or trading for later on in the season.


FNC Rekklesrekkles

There’s no doubt that Rekkles is a skilled ADC, but has in the past had the incredible support of Yellowstar by his side. In addition, he is the new captain for Fnatic and may need some time to adjust and settle into his new role. I personally think he’s a good pickup, but would maybe not start him for a few weeks while the season is just beginning.


C9 Jensendownload

Jensen (formerly known as Incarnation) struggled a lot when he first joined Cloud9, not only having large shoes to fill but with the team missing their key shotcaller. Since Hai’s return, however, he has showed the potential he has and could potentially be a great pick to have on your roster.

Do you agree with my picks? Disagree? What players and teams are you most excited about watching this split? Let me know in the comments!

*Photos belong to players’ respective organizations and

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