Fallout 4 Adventures, Volume 1

So, since I started playing it on release date, I’ve put about 88 hours into Fallout 4. Considering how little I’ve gotten through the main story, finding factions, etc. it’s kind of amazing (and I’m only level 39, go figure). I also finally mustered the courage to take along a different companion than Dogmeat on my adventures (although I still prefer him in a lot of ways because he doesn’t say repetitive things and doesn’t judge me at all), but I took Nick Valentine to a few places and it was cool to learn more about him. Since I can’t stream my gameplay (slow internet), I thought I’d post a few screenshots that I’ve taken and I hope you enjoy!


Discovering the Children of Atom encampment in the Glowing Sea. The place is extremely radioactive and has a bunch of people who worship “Atom” living in it.


Apparently there’s a very rare chance that you’ll actually get a pristine pie out of these machines. Pretty cool, but I don’t have the patience to keep trying. 😛


You will find teddy bears all over the place posed by someone in odd ways. Like playing doctor.


Or sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper. *shrug*


I thought it was funny this raider encampment was counting headshots on their sign.


When I first walked in to the Old North Church, I gasped and said, “Nooo, not the organ pipes!” I remember that being one of my favorite places when I went to Boston during my senior history tour in high school.


Destroyed, but still beautiful in my opinion.


This is a floating bear. I am disappointed I don’t have a screenshot of the time I shot one and it flew over the rooftops and out of sight. I’d like to think this is the same bear, miles from where it actually was before.




VATS critical strike cinematics are great.


That moment when I realized my shadow was only showing my hair and gear.


Thoughts? Odd thing to find in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, yes?


Acting as the Silver Shroud in Goodneighbor. I always talk as the Silver Shroud when wearing the costume 😀


My recently built home base with all my crafting tables and my power armor.


My magazine racks and bobblehead stand in my house. And Dogmeat. 🙂


Dogmeat thinks he’s so ferocious, but he’s SO ADORABLE with his goggles!


Taking a rest in my Minutemen General’s uniform.


“Let’s go, boy.”


This abandoned chapel is so pretty and is exactly the kind of place I always want to explore IRL. So…there you have it.


Parsons State Insane Asylum. Pretty crazy questline for this place. Really cool architecture, too. 🙂 


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