We Have to Act, We Have to Speak Up


It’s true. I don’t usually say much about them. Most of the time I try to steer myself away from seeing or talking too much about it, because of the massive amount of empathy I feel and how much it can affect my mood and feelings that day.

But today, something just snapped. We JUST had a shooting at a Planned Parenthood. Today, we have one  in San Bernardino, at a center for developmentally disabled people, children and adults alike.

It doesn’t matter who the victims are. It matters that they are people who deserve to live and be happy. Who deserve to get medical care, have a holiday party together, go see a movie or go to school every day without fear of being shot and killed by someone who wants fame or notoriety or has an axe to grind.

There are an abundance of reasons for why people commit mass shootings, including racism, sexism, ableism, radical idealism, religion, and sometimes mental illness. As I said above, the solutions are not easy. They are not simple. I don’t think we even have the answers yet. Common sense gun control laws should happen but they won’t fix the underlying problems. They’ll just make it harder for those people to get weapons to do so much destruction in so little time.

The point is that all of us as a nation have become desensitized to this happening. We focus on what’s happening elsewhere when our own citizens are dying every single day to other Americans. How can we let this go for so long thinking that it’ll just stop on its own? That we shouldn’t do something to work towards a solution?

So I emailed my representative, something I’ve done rarer than I’d like to have. But I want this to stop. And legislation isn’t the only direction to a solution, but it’s one of them. And we the people need to exercise our democratic right to get the ball rolling. We need to tell the people who are supposed to represent us that we care. That we care about the people who are dying every day because of inaction. That we want this senseless violence to stop.


So...what do you think?

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