Review: Let’s Avoid Uncle Dale by DosBadDads



Book: Let’s Avoid Uncle Dale

Authors: DosBadDads (Patrick and Steve)

Published: June 12, 2014 on Kindle Store. I received an advance review copy of the book.

Genre: Baby’s literature. (But it’s so that the parents won’t get bored. Or want to throw things.)


 Like its predecessor, Let’s Avoid Uncle Dale is probably not the book you want to read to your little kids that have learned to talk. It could be awkward.

However, you or your friends who have kids that are still months away from talking, but still want to read something you’ll both enjoy, will like this “no B.S. baby lit” from DosBadDads.

Every family has an uncle Dale. Every family has the member that everyone loves but don’t quite trust with their kid. They have some pretty outrageous stories or make some pretty bad decisions.

This Uncle Dale has both, plus more. I enjoyed laughing my way through Uncle Dale’s proclamations and the truth behind them. I loved the illustrations, and page 19 brought a heartwarming smile to my face before the end of the book again surprised me, and made me laugh out loud. What was the image on page 19? I guess you’ll have to read it to find out.

If you have a straightforward, blunt outlook on life, and want to be entertained while reading to your littlest ones, check out DosBadDads’ books.

Let’s Avoid Uncle Dale is available on Amazon, along with DosBadDads’ first book, FYI: Great Grandma is Racist (I reviewed that one, too!).

For more information, you can find DosBadDads on Facebook Twitter, and at their website.


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