About Dining Alone

There are many times when I’d prefer to dine alone.

There’s something about sitting alone, maybe with a novel, a notebook, or a camera, and focusing your entire attention on the plates of food in front of you. There’s something about savoring every bite, and thinking about exactly why you like it or don’t like it. Sometimes being alone with the food without any distractions gives you the time to understand exactly why that wine you’re sipping with dinner tastes so scrumptious with what you’re eating.

It’s fun to cut through the stigma of the lone diner, the one people stare and point at, the one that even the waitress kind of side-eyes as she sets the menu on the table. “Are you waiting for someone?” she asks.

“No, it’s just me,” answered with a dazzling smile and a companion conjured out of nowhere, whether it’s a book or the glass of wine that you’ve just ordered, at least to get people to stop wondering about you.

It’s a time to spend with yourself, and learn about yourself, things you might not have observed if you had to entertain another person sitting across the table from you. Another person sometimes brings even more noise into your life than you already deal with every day.

Personally, I enjoy my time to enjoy food on my own – whether I’m sitting outside my office on the beaten up old barn porch with my breakfast-for-lunch I walked to get, or sitting down to a nice dinner at the backstreet, cheeky restaurant and bar downtown, I feel satisfied by the simple pleasure of food, wine, and desserts.

Do you ever dine alone? Do you prefer it?

4 thoughts on “About Dining Alone

    • Samantha says:

      Oh, that’s the best part. Even when it’s a bit chilly and the sunshine can warm where I’m sitting. 🙂

      I need to come by your blog again. I have been loving your recipes 😀 And plus I got my new Lodge skillet, so I need something to cook in it 😛


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