Body Image and Gaming: Problematic? – A guest post

I’m guest blogging over at Tip of My Tongue today about my thoughts on body image in gaming and how men and women are portrayed. Hope you enjoy!

Tip of My Tongue

Today’s guest post is from Samantha Owens. In addition to being an officer in her World of Warcraft guild, she blogs regularly at S.Owens Writes, her forum for posting fiction, photography, and wonderfully mixed musings.


You’re slaying dragons, swinging a gigantic sword. You’re crashing through hallways, gun strapped to your back, taking it off to shoot at a moment’s notice. You’re shooting off arrows midair, your lithe pet running to attack your target as soon as you command it. But that character that’s swinging that sword, shooting that gun or bow… what does it look like?

Most likely, it has pretty unrealistic proportions. If you’re male, he has an inverted triangle-shaped body, with bulging muscles, shoulders, and thighs; and a trim waist that leads down to a toned pair of legs. If you’re female, you’re more likely to be waif-like, excepting the disproportionately large breasts and possibly butt…

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