A Peek Inside My Brain: Concert Nerves

This Saturday, I get to see Fall Out Boy live for the second time.

Yep. These guys. 🙂

…this is also only my third concert ever.

The first Fall Out Boy one was in Sacramento, at a small theater venue. It was toward the end of their last tour before their hiatus. The floor was only half full, and people just kind of stood around. Pete Wentz was yelling at them to dance or do something. It was kind of hilarious. I stood in the back, still close enough to see them well, sang my heart out, tears in my eyes. I enjoyed myself.

The second one was an even smaller concert, with a mishmash of bands including The Cab and NeverShoutNever!. So small, in fact, that we were able to see the drummer from the Cab at the merch booth afterward. Yup.

This concert is in San Francisco, at the America’s Cup Pavilion. Also known as, HUGE. And we have floor tickets. Apparently I did not think through all of the details until now, approximately two days before the concert date.

Therefore, here are my thought processes over the last week in preparation. Enjoy.

What shoes should I wear? I want to be close enough to the front without breaking any bones or getting my toes smashed. Should I invest in steel-toe or just wear some tough boots that I already own?

Is it possible for me to attach a wrist strap to my phone? I don’t want to get jostled, end up dropping it, and getting it (or myself) trampled. Oh dear.

How did it never occur to me that there are going to be TONS of people there? Sigh. I just want to see my favorite band again. I’ve been waiting months for this. Stop worrying.

How should we get there? Should we take BART or drive? Driving in San Francisco is going to be a nightmare (partly because I’ve never done it before), but BART stops running at midnight. How long will it last? Am I going to need to worry about BART stopping for the night? It starts at 7:00 p.m. *searches google to see if anyone has posted about the concert lengths for this tour*

I want to be closer up than I was last time. And take photos. I wonder if they let you take actual cameras? No. Probably not a good idea, anyway. *googles wrist strap for Otterbox*

Oh no, it’s going to be raining at home on Saturday. It’s not going to be raining there, is it? *checks weather app* No. But it’s going to be 64 degrees. Fantastic.

I would be so excited if they played “Of All The Gin Joints In All the World.” I know they WON’T, because it was never a single or anything, but that would be amazing. *debates tweeting Patrick Stump to ask if they’ll play it*

Do they still do meet & greets? It’d be awesome if they did! But I didn’t see anything about it on the tickets. Is it still a thing to wait around after the concert to see if you can meet them afterward? But if we take BART, that might not be a good idea. *checks for concert lengths again*

*long, deep breath* You know what, I’m going to stop worrying. I’m going to LOVE seeing them again. When you’ve only seen your favorite band once, this is a reason to celebrate!

So, on Saturday night, off I go to see my favorite band play live for the second time in my life. I am VERY excited. Hopefully I’ll have photos/experience to share with you all. In the meantime, wish me luck! Two days to go.

How many concerts have you been to? Are you generally a newbie like me or a seasoned veteran? Any tips or advice? 


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