Two Years of Blogging

Saturday was my blogging anniversary. For two years, I’ve been writing blogs here, reading others’, writing thoughtful (sometimes rambling, sometimes silly) comments on others’ blogs, and have met some of the nicest, encouraging people in the blogging universe. My blog has evolved from a documentation of my job search to something a lot more personal and a lot more heartfelt. I took a hiatus (bad move, I missed it too much) and came back with a new perspective. I learned to use Twitter in conjunction with my blog and haven’t looked back since.

There’s no way I could stop blogging now. It’s become a habit, a thought process that I automatically go to, a world that I can dive into when the rest of my life is a giant bubbling pot of stress and anxiety. I can read to my heart’s content, edit my work, change anything that’s under my control (like my ever-changing theme appearance and link editing) and spend time discussing topics of interest with others.

I’m amazed that there are people who actually want to read my musings. That puts a smile on my face. I am happy for everyone who comments, likes, and visits here. I’m thankful to have gotten Freshly Pressed this year, which was something I was not expecting, especially with a post that simply defended and chronicled my love for World of Warcraft.

Possibly the best thing I’ve gotten out of it so far is honing my writing. I look back at my very first posts and see an awkwardness and feeling of baby steps that I see less and less in each post that I write. Being able to visually see progress inspires me to continue writing as I go forward.

Besides, it’s not like I’d have a choice anyway. I’ve been writing since I was five. There’s no way I’m stopping now.

What has blogging taught you about yourself and about the world? How long have you been blogging? Thanks for being here. I appreciate your insights and thoughts here on my corner of the bloggiverse. 🙂


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