A Chronicle of the Favorite Band

Do you remember the first day you were introduced to your favorite band? The one band that has had an immense impact on what you enjoy about music, the lyrics you know forwards and backwards?

I do.

I was standing in line for lunch in my freshman year of high school, and my friend T was singing snatches of “Grand Theft Autumn” under her breath, which she was apt to do, but I had no idea what band it was by, much less the name of the song. I finally asked her who sang the song. At the time, I was constantly searching for new music, in a constant state of discovery.

She told me their name was Fall Out Boy.

Intrigued, I made sure to find a copy of their album the next time I went to the store with my mom, wanting to hear the real version of the song she’d been singing. From Under the Cork Tree was the only album that they were selling at the time, because it had just come out. I immediately bought it, and was surprised to find that the song she’d been singing wasn’t on it. Instead, I discovered the first album that I listened to from start to finish, not skipping any songs.

And so it began.

Fall Out Boy was different from most bands at the time. They were a step ahead of the game with connecting with their fans, before Facebook Pages, Twitter, and the explosion of blogging. Their lyrics meant something – yet they were witty, tongue-in-cheek, and used metaphors to get their point across. Their lyrics were the kind that you’d memorize and then write all over your notebooks and sometimes in your notebooks if you were bored in class. The music was unique, and not afraid to experiment.

That CD went with me everywhere I went. It was in my purse in its case and in my CD player to school, back, and everywhere in between. It lulled me to sleep at night. The CD insert that held all of the lyrics and photos of the band members became worn and distressed, and the case began to crack. To this day, it’s the album I go to when I need a Fall Out Boy fix.

This is my original From Under the Cork Tree CD and case. It’s well-loved.

I eventually bought Take This To Your Grave, which was the first album they had come out with and the one containing the song I’d originally heard. T loves this album more than any other, but I think your first exposure tends to be your favorite.

Aww, look how little they were.

As each album came out, I made sure to buy it when it came out. When Infinity on High released, I asked my dad to get it for me at the store when he went. I was able to listen to snatches of the album while I waited for him to bring it home for me.

Hee hee, flying sheep.

When Folie a Deux came out, I was in college. I preordered the album from my dorm room, opting for a special package which included a poster and T-shirt. I also went to my first concert in Sacramento. I felt that my first concert was far overdue, but it was the first time that I was old enough to just go if I had the money and someone to go with. I left with the biggest smile on my face, tears in my eyes, a Clandestine Industries t-shirt, and the memory of Patrick Stump’s clear, amazing voice, and the spins he’d put on their songs when he sang live.

Not long after this, Fall Out Boy announced that they would be going on hiatus. It was a sad moment for me, especially since I had only seen them in concert once, and they had been such a part of my life for the previous five years. I still followed along with talk of Patrick Stump recording a solo album, and listening to the albums I already had.

I collected a bunch of merch, Clandestine Industries and Fall Out Boy. September, I’m getting another shirt. …What?

This year, the hiatus finally ended. They released Save Rock and Roll – an album that I have been immensely enjoying. I am also attending my second concert in September.

It is amazing to me that a band could evolve and grow and change, and still resonate with me in so many points of my life. I am a different person than I was in 2005, when I picked up my first album than I am now, when I excitedly preordered the newest one to automatically download to iTunes the moment it released.

I’m excited to see what they’ll do next, what else they’ll reach for, what other lyrics I’ll be able to memorize and hold dear. I’m excited to see how many more times I can see them live. Most of all, I’m glad to share my love of music and lyricism and language with others.

I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive, now I only waste it dreaming of you…and oh, the way your makeup stains my pillowcase, like I’ll never be the same.Of All The Gin Joints in All the World

I’m good to go for something golden, though the motions I’ve been going through have failed, and I’m coasting on potential towards the wall at 100 miles per hour. – Saturday

So long live the car crash hearts, cry on the couch all the poets come to life, fix me in 45. – Thriller

It’s kind of funny the way we’re wearing anchors on our shirts, when being anchored aboard just feels like a curse. My mind is a safe, and if I keep it then we all get rich, my body is an orphanage, we take everyone in, doing lines of dust and sweat from last night’s stage, just to feel like you. – 27

You are what you love not who loves you, in a world full of the word ‘yes’, I’m here to scream “no”, wherever I go, trouble seems to follow, only plugged in to save rock and roll.Save Rock and Roll


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