The Price is Right and Lots of Laughter

My dad is:

– witty. He comes up with the funniest sayings and phrases that make you shake your head and think, how did he think of that?

– unashamed. He really doesn’t care what people think. He’s going to tell you exactly what he thinks exactly when he wants to say it.

– blissfully happy. Almost nothing bothers him. Things that would bother me because of my personality type, he brushes off without a thought.

– blessed with a good sense of humor. He laughs at almost everything, which is contagious.

– a dedicated cook. He is a foodie, through and through, and enjoys cooking, reading about, and eating good food.

– fond of game shows. We watched The Price is Right every morning during the Christmas break after he had had back surgery and was home. We guessed the questions and answers, and laughed…a lot.

– a movie connoisseur. He makes his weekly grocery shopping trip and usually doesn’t come home without a new movie.

– very tall. He is 6’5″ and maybe could be intimidating except for the big smile he always has on his face.

– in love with music. I think we are alike in this sense too, we can’t go anywhere in our cars without blasting music so loud our side mirrors vibrate and people stare at our jamming in the driver’s seat.

– But most of all, my dad is an excellent father, husband, and person. He talks to and treats everyone like people, and I’m sure makes a lot of people’s day by noticing them and saying hello, just being his happy, chill self.



Happy Father’s Day, Papa. I love you.

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