Review: FYI: Great Grandma is Racist, by DosBadDads


Book: FYI: Great Grandma is Racist

Author: DosBadDads (Patrick and Steve)

Published: Will be released April 25, 2013 on Amazon Kindle Store and iBooks. I received an advance review copy of the book.

Genre: Baby’s literature. (But entertaining for the parents.)


This book (and the future books to come) are for babies, but are also to entertain the parents who have to continuously read the same books to their littlest kids over and over.

Since I don’t have kids, this is not something that I’ve experienced yet, but I could still appreciate the “no B.S.” approach to the book.

The story is about a racist great grandma, and her many…how should we say…colorful descriptions of people of color. The wit and humor is as much in the illustrations as it is in the writing, and the book finishes with a surprise and an illustration that will leave you bursting at the seams laughing. If not slightly-guilty-laughing.

The story carries a good message in a short, sweet package.

I’m looking forward to further books from DosBadDads. Considering the message that is being portrayed here, I would love to be able to read these to my own kids.

You can find DosBadDads on Facebook, Twitter, and on their website.




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