Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic

So, this may be a bit cliche’. I mean, who hasn’t owned a pair of black high-top Chuck Taylors?


My aging Converse.

I’ve owned this particular pair of Converse for about ten years. I know my mom purchased them for me shortly after a mishap with bleach and my old low-top Chucks. (There was crying and upset. I was thirteen, what do you expect?)

Over the years since, they’ve been so many places with me, from summer camp, to history tour, to college, to the beach…the places are countless.

Converse at the beach. What?

In high school I drew in the lines, colored in where the black stripes were falling off, and lost one of the metal rings in the sides. At some point, I lost the shoelaces and ended up getting shorter ones that didn’t fray at the edges or get as dirty from often being stuck under my soles on a daily basis. After many years of wear and tear and periods where I wore them nearly every day, holes are starting to show on the sides and back and my socks are visible through them. The Converse All-Star labels on the sides are wearing completely off on the top.


These are my Converse. There are many like them, but these ones are mine.

It wasn’t until I went to my grandma’s house for Easter this weekend and saw my thirteen-year old cousin wearing his brand-new low-top black Converse that I realized in how bad of shape mine are. It might be time for a visit to the store.

Will I get rid of these? Probably not for a while. They represent a lot of memories and a lot of miles of travel. However, the iconic part of them is being Converse All-Stars, Chuck Taylors, Chucks. These shoes have existed for years and are still a classic part of a majority of kids’ childhoods and memories. To have a brand last that long and have such a special part in people’s hearts is truly amazing in my book.

And I’ll keep my Chucks close by.

Do you own Converse now or did you as a child? What did they mean to you? What did you like about them?

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic

  1. appliedpress says:

    Wow chucks are really my go-to shoes for everyday usage. They are iconic, comfy (most of the time), and pretty durable. I saw this post in the freshly pressed feed and though it was interesting, consider your blog followed. 🙂


    • Samantha says:

      Thank you! They are fairly durable, even for people who beat up their shoes pretty quickly. I think since I have flat, narrow feet, they’re definitely very comfortable for me.


  2. From Casinos to Castles says:

    I LOVE Chucks. I have owned two pairs in my life, black and navy low tops, but I adore them. So much so that after I just recently had my first child, I can no longer where them. My feet grew a whole size. Things they don’t tell you about having a baby. Anyway, I still have them and refuse to get rid of them. I know I can buy new ones. But I love those. 🙂


    • Samantha says:

      They tend to have a lot of memories attached to them, in my case. Will buy a new pair that I can wear, but won’t get rid of the old ones. 😛 My mom says my dad used to have a pair of yellow ones that by the time they got married were holey on the bottom and sides, so much so there was more sock showing than foot. 🙂


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