Weekly Writing Challenge: Where’s the Line?

There is a constant debate as to how involved with our lives government should be. Some scenarios that come to mind include the ban on oversized sodas in New York City, for example. Other more serious ones span debates about who someone should marry, whether abortions should be legal, and whether birth control should be covered under insurance plans.

I technically don’t consider myself under any particular party, although I vote Democrat. I’m more liberal than anything else, I champion equality in all forms, could consider myself a laid-back feminist (please comment/ask if you’d like a definition for that :P) and believe in peace and love, and everyone’s right to their own religion (or lack thereof) and free speech.

When it comes to government intervention, I don’t believe that it should meddle with our personal lives for the most part. Thanks, but I’d really rather you not decide that I’m going to be really unhealthy if I drink extra-large sodas. I’d also like you not to tell me what to do with my body, and what kinds of moral/personal choices I make. That’s not up to the government. I can’t even recount the rage I felt with all of the discussions among mostly Republican politicians about women’s bodies in particular, and how they thought they could decide what we could or couldn’t do with it. Sure, tell women they can’t have birth control, but you can’t have abortions either. Personally, I am one of the women who I think would not get one, but that’s my own, personally thought out choice, and I can’t tell anyone else how they should feel about it. This is just one of the many examples of issues that came up that are too close to meddling in people’s personal lives.

On the other hand, I think there are a lot of good things government does for us that we can’t simply turn away from and act as if they’re stepping too much in our lives. Government helps provide tons of things that we don’t even think about on a daily basis, and a lot of them are things that 99% of Americans couldn’t afford on their own. The amenities stretch from good roads and schools to healthcare, welfare and food stamps. People complain about people who are gaming the system, but don’t realize those taxes you’re paying now could end up being a safety net for you if you lost your job or became injured and couldn’t work, and all those taxes you paid toward the welfare system would now be coming back to help you. It’s the reason these social safety nets are there: it could happen to anyone.

As a disclaimer, I can honestly say that most political things I feel strongly about happen to be social issues. I care about the economy to the extent of creating jobs for people, but that’s about it. I feel that the people who proclaim to want smaller government and less control over their lives are the ones most likely to try to impose their views, whether religious or social, on others and try to control their lives through their governmental powers. This is something that I feel is important not to overlook.

What do you think about governmental intervention/involvement? Let me know in the comments. 

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