The Gauntlet: 30-Day Challenge

After the last 90 days of:

  • stress, stress, and more stress
  • not enough sleep
  • never catching up on anything
  • grading all the things
  • letting my house devolve into a disheveled mess that I hardly noticed
  • having boots, jackets, Journals and water bottles strewn throughout my car
  • eating way too much junk food and not enough good stuff
  • never being home
  • not seeing Boyfriend enough
  • not talking to or seeing anyone enough
  • and other miscellaneous craziness,

I find that a 30-Day Challenge…or at least this particular 30-Day Challenge…may be a good way to go.

Over at The Jackie Blog (who if you don’t follow her, you probably should, she’s hilarious), she’s holding a 30-Day Challenge contest where if you do a task for 30 days straight (no cheating) in order to better your life or increase your skill set, and blog about it, you have a chance to win a gift card. It’s a 30-day version of a Lollipop Tuesday. (Also see here for an explanation of what that is).

I could really use this right now, because the thing I want to start a habit of is to do yoga every day. I have a yoga mat, block, strap, and DVD sitting in my living room. After I bought the mat and got the CD, I did the yoga exercises twice before falling back into my constant inability to get up in the morning, or not fall into bed at the end of the day exhausted, not wanting to even lift a finger after the day I’d had.

So here goes, starting April 1, I will do yoga every day for 30 days, and will blog about experiences I have (which will be submitted to Jackie at The Jackie Blog). If I win, there will be a post written about my experience. Even if I don’t, it’s awesome that Jackie is doing this, and it will be a great experience.

If I do succeed in doing 30 days of yoga, I think I will feel better, look better (not as tired and haggard and pale), be warmer on a regular basis, drink more water, and possibly sleep better (which honestly, would be the best out of all of these).

Wish me luck, it starts April 1, and here goes the Gauntlet.

My blog posts will be tagged The Gauntlet and 30-Day Challenge, and any tweets will be tagged #TheGauntlet if you’d like to follow along in “real-time” so to speak. 😛

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