My Photography Wish List

My current cameras:

Canon Rebel XTi

I love this camera. It’s just about the right size, uses a multitude of lenses, and takes good quality photographs. It’s a little heavy at times, being a digital camera, but it’s definitely a good starter SLR for anyone. I started out taking photos with the presets, then began fiddling with the manual options to figure out F-stops, etc. It’s a great camera to learn on and easy to use/focus.

Canon Rebel K2

This was my very first camera, when I took Photography 101 my freshman year in college. It works beautifully, and treats film well. Taking photos with this camera reminds me of days in the darkroom, standing at the sink in the photo lab shaking a developing tank and with a towel in my back pocket, and making prints under the safelight. It also reminds me of developing film in my bathtub at home, putting film on the reel in my dark bag. It’s a great camera that I’d recommend for any beginner.

Holga 120N

The Holga is so much fun. First of all, it’s only $20. It’s a plastic camera, it’s probably the lightest camera you could carry around. It requires no batteries, it’s not a big deal if it gets wet, and the photographs come out soft and dreamy. Toy cameras were the rage for awhile, and they use 120 film, which is a bit expensive to get. However, it’s worth it for the portability and usability. My only downside I’ve seen was when I dropped the camera and the back popped off, exposing my entire roll of film. 😦 Otherwise, it’s been a great camera, with great results. I have a bag of film that still needs to be developed, that will be a complete surprise. That’s another perk of film: if you take a long time to develop it, it’s always a surprise.

Wish List Cameras:

Rolleiflex 3.5 or 2.8

The Rolleiflex. Oh how I want this camera. Ever since I started reading photography blogs a few summers ago, looking at all the different kinds of cameras, film, formats, processing types, and exposing types, I wanted a TLR (triple-lens reflex), but specifically the Rolleiflex, for the quality, the novelty, and the vintage-ness. Look at it, it’s beautiful! A triple lens reflex camera usually has less camera-shake because you do not have a mirror that flips to take the exposure, there’s simply one lens you look through, and one that actually exposes the film. Plus, the Rolleiflex’s viewfinder is on top of the camera, not on the back, so it’s a lot less obtrusive for candid/street photography, even if you’re trying to take a photo of the building, not the person behind it, most people are not going to realize you’re taking a photo even in their direction, because your head will be down rather than pointed at them. My only obstacle to getting this camera is it is usually upwards of $300 or more. I’d like to save up the money sometime soon to buy it.

Vintage Leica

This one I don’t have much of a reason for wanting other than that, well, it’s a vintage Leica. It’s a camera that’s touted for its photo quality and is famously referred to, and I’ve just always wanted to try one out. Then I would have my answer for why I wanted it in the first place. Plus, trying out new brands and camera types is always something I’d like, plus adding another type of camera to my collection.

A bigger, clearer Canon digital (5D, etc.)

This is in the far-off future, and really more of a “if I get there” kind of wish camera. I am perfectly fine with my Rebel unless I really want to delve into professional, taking photos at people’s weddings, engagements, etc. types of photos for money. Although I’ve done some of this kind of photography before, I think if I was to have my own business I’d really want to invest in one of these. It is gigantic (I’m pretty sure it could eat my Rebel for breakfast) and the lenses are huge, but I think it’d be a good addition (and probably the only addition) to my digital arsenal.

Now that I’ve shared my all-around camera nerdery, what kinds of cameras do you own? What kind of camera would you want to own? Let me know in the comments. 

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