Daily Post Challenge: Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Chinatown. These statues are adorable. 😛

A day in San Francisco, something so simple, but enjoyed with two friends and put into photographs, committed to memory.

Tanzi, Emily and I decided at the last minute to take a trip to San Francisco on a random Saturday. Armed with my hobo bag with my Rebel and other necessities tossed in, we made the hour-long drive to the city. The day was filled with funny hats, shopping in shops so small you could hardly turn around in them, and crowded markets with mounds of fruit, vegetables, and other unidentifiable, but delicious looking food items. I love San Francisco, and of course was using my Rebel gratuitously, appreciating the older buildings that are allowed to remain untouched and un-modernized by society. We finally came to a building where there were two dragon statues standing watch over it. For some reason, the three of us were drawn to them. I took photos of Tanzi with her hand stuck in the mouth of one, an expression of extreme worry on her face, and one of Emily kissing its face. Suddenly, Emily insisted that I get some photos taken of me. She lifted my camera out from around my neck and put it around hers, and proceeded to make funny faces at me and tell jokes. With Tanzi’s jokes in addition, Emily managed to snap the above photo of me, unbridled laughter, squinty eyes, open-mouthed goodness. It was even perfection that the wind blew my curls back, exposing my whole face. Looking back through my camera roll later, I appreciated that Emily had taken the time to photograph me. This is one of my favorite photos of me to this day, because it still feels like one that is open, relaxed, and really me!

We ended the evening walking back to the car, grabbing food, and me attempting to take some night shots without a tripod without much true luck. The day was memorable, for photography and for happy times to reflect on. San Francisco is one of my favorite places to be, then with good friends, a bustling city life, and a camera in hand? It is one of the many formulas for a perfect day.

(c) Samantha Owens


(c) Samantha Owens


(c) Samantha Owens No tripod, but still pretty cool.

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