Chatting on Twitter

To think that a couple of years ago, I thought the idea of Twitter was completely dumb.

Today, I regularly participate in weekly Twitter chats, wield retweets, favorites, and hashtags like a pro, and try to find a way to remain as grammatically correct as possible, while staying within the 140-character limit.

Considering my interests, it probably won’t surprise you what Twitter chats I take part in on a weekly basis:


When: Wednesdays @ 2:00P.M. EST

Who: Jeff Barrett, CEO of StatusCreative (@BarrettAll)

What: A weekly chat dedicated to all things public relations, taking into account current events, especially. Every week, Jeff Barrett brings in a special guest or two to ask them questions about their business, PR, and their opinions on events. Recently we discussed methods for the NRA to take to be more palatable to the public, whether Lance Armstrong should come clean about taking performance-enhancing drugs, etc. If you’re interested in PR, I’d highly recommend joining in. It’s engaging and interesting, I’ve been enjoying it a lot.


When: Thursdays @

Who: CamMi Pham of ThumbleApp (@CamMiPham)

What: A weekly chat dedicated to everything photography: from what types of cameras to use, copyright issues (such as the Instagram debate), what kinds of camera gear to use on vacation, etc. There is a great group of talented, knowledgeable photographers that join in on this chat. I’ve been enjoying learning from the others in the chat and being able to interact with them as well.

There is also a monthly chat I would like to participate in:


When: Every first Monday of the month (next one is Feb 5)

Who: @APStyleBook, @AP (The Associated Press themselves :p)

What: A monthly chat mostly to ask/answer questions about AP style. Being a grammar/usage/punctuation nerd, this excites me. The February 5 chat is a “stump the editor” chat that I’m quite excited for. I’m mostly sad that it’s not on a weekly basis, as well.

Whether you’re not sure how Twitter can even be used as a tool or you’re a seasoned pro, check out these Twitter chats if you get a chance.

Do you participate in any weekly Twitter chats? What are they? (I would love to have more to join. I adore discussing things with people.)


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