Daily Post Challenge: Starting Over

January. The beginning of a new year.

Last January, I was working retail in Stockton, was long-distance with my boyfriend, was constantly looking for jobs, mildly depressed, often working odd hours. I had just found out I would be kept on from the holiday season and would be trained to use the cash registers. I was coming home with tired feet and a hurting back, overstimulated from the amount of people in the store, and playing a lot of WoW to decompress at the end of my shifts. I was still living with my parents, basically paycheck to paycheck paying my bills, especially with the necessary purchase of my Volkswagen Beetle.

Here it is, another January. I feel like I am a million miles from where I was last January. This January, I am working three (count them, three) jobs, one full-time, one part-time, one twice a week/two-hour teaching position which of course since it’s teaching adds up to more than two hours a week, but alas. I’m starting to think I probably bit off a little more than I can chew, but I’m enjoying it enough to make it worthwhile. I work for a high-end landscaping company, with great people; I work at an upscale Napa Valley hotel and spa, where my coworkers there are also amazing, funny, and really care about the place they work at, and I get to interact with a group of 28 college students twice a week about copy editing, grammar, and other things simply about communication, journalism, public relations. It can even range to what Twitter chats I’ve found that might be good for them to participate in, that I babble on excitedly about while they either study me with one eyebrow raised or listen intently for their own interest.

I am incredibly blessed and lucky to be where I am at now. I have said this many times in this blog, but it’s absolutely true. How many college students are in a position like mine a year and a half after the graduate from college? In this economy? How many of them can actually afford to feed themselves, pay for a car payment, car insurance, a small herd of college loans, Napa Valley rent, gas, cell phone bill, plus the myriad of other expenses a typical person has to worry about every month? I have so many people to thank for helping to get me here, and the people who have been supportive and helpful to me along the way. In just one year, so much has changed, and I am incredibly thankful for it.

I feel as if my picture of success is becoming clearer all the time. It isn’t necessarily this rigorous course that I have to put myself through, to push my way to where I want to go. I can do things that I want and that can advance me right here. I plan to start really pushing freelance copyediting and writing when I finish teaching in March. I want to find time for photography again. I want to keep talking to people on Twitter about public relations and photography and AP style and politics. I want to continue to blog and blog even more often than I do now. I want to continue serving as an officer in my guild and continue raiding and working with other people to accomplish a common goal. I want to read and learn everything I can and continue plowing through books. I want to finish the novel I was writing in November and revise, edit, and publish it. I want to do yoga. I want to swim.

I can accomplish any and all of these things. A new year is the perfect time to start over. I’m planning on making the best of it.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Post Challenge: Starting Over

    • Samantha says:

      Thank you! And thank you for coming by to give feedback on my blog 🙂 I headed over to yours and followed, I’m excited to read about New York. I’ve always wanted to live there someday 🙂


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