Preparations of a Teaching Sort

In exactly six days, I will be starting my three-month contract teaching stint. I am excited, nervous, not sure what to expect.

I labored over my syllabus for a majority of the day yesterday, trying to put my expectations in line for my students. I received my class roster, surprised to find a couple of people I knew on it, which I hadn’t been expecting, although I’ve only been graduated for two years now. I’m prepared to be tough, to be a good teacher, but just thinking about my first lecture is a little terrifying. I know that once I go through the first class, get a good feel for how the rest of the quarter is going to go, I’ll be fine, and I’ll know how to handle it. But for now, I feel like I’m in the deep end without a life-preserver.

I am eternally grateful that I had the time these past couple of days where I was completely off work to really put some time into thinking about my class, because in the past few weeks I’ve had virtually none. Between my full-time job, part-time job, the holidays, getting ahead on the Journal for the holidays, and you know, sleeping and eating, I’ve had it tickling the back of my mind, but nothing had been written down. Now that my syllabus is encased into a PDF file, I feel like I can start looking for homework assignments to assign, put together my own quizzes, and figure out this thing called Canvas that they switched to from D2L the year after I graduated. I’m even looking forward to grading assignments again. I was going to get a reader, but I’m realizing that I want to grade my own assignments. They’re not going to be too crazy–the year I took copyediting from my amazing copyediting professor, she had very long homework assignments and even longer quizzes, but I don’t feel that I will do so much that’s it is going to be terrible for me to grade later. The way I’m figuring out my schedule will be okay too: full-time job every day, part-time job  every day after work that I’m not teaching, and the days I am teaching I will head up there after work to copy off assignments to pass out, work on grading and class prep, and hopefully be able to meet with students if they need it before class starts.

I’m hoping to have my head together before Monday, to be able to go in as a strong, level-headed, logical and calm professor. I am excited about what kinds of opportunities and realizations this will bring about. Maybe everyone was right, and I would make an excellent teacher. I’ll just have to see.

2 thoughts on “Preparations of a Teaching Sort

  1. Laureen says:

    How exciting! I’m so happy for you. If you ever need to talk with a fellow educator, I’m positive Grant will give excellent advice and encouragement. He is a great teacher (even though he can be quite blunt, lol). However, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of mentors on campus. Go get ’em tiger! RAWR! LOL


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