Quiet: The Power of Introverts In a World that Can’t Stop Talking: Thoughts Part Two

I finished reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking a couple of weeks ago. I was even more appreciative of the second half of the book than I was the first.

Professionally, dealing with my introversion and learning to work with it has been a part of progressing through my work life, and has been a work in progress for years. However, the second half of the book focused on introversion on a personal level, where one person in a relationship is an introvert and one is an extrovert, and the differences between how they handle conflict.

It was amazing to discover the differences between myself and the people I love, how we communicate, and the ways that we feel like we are solving problems: whether it is by averting conflict or staying calm, or being boisterous, loud, and very vocal to get their point across. They are both valid methods in their own ways, but each person needs to be able to understand the reasoning behind each person’s reactions to conflict and be able to process it in a productive manner. It was extremely helpful to be able to look at this perspective and apply it to my own relationships. I found the scenarios that the author cited to be very similar to some of my own experiences, and was glad to have a new understanding and outlook on it.

Overall, reading this book was extremely empowering and helpful to me in my life. I’ve never felt that I understood some of my personal quirks, and the ones of others in my life. I always feel that understanding tends to bring more happiness to my life, understanding how things and people work and tick. In this way, I feel that I can avoid more conflict and keep the people around me happier.

So...what do you think?

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