NaNoWriMo Update #2: Week Two Doldrums

So here I am starting Week 3, and I am attempting to put Week 2 out of my mind.

Why is this?

Well, week two was, to be frank, terrible. There were two days I didn’ t finish my word count, so had to nearly double my writing the next day, and would end up falling asleep before finishing it on nights where I could actually stay up a little later than needed.

Every word felt like a struggle. I’d update my word count every few hundred words, amazed that each time I refreshed it I’d only written a hundred or so words. I wasn’t sure how to transition into important scenes, how to connect it together, if I was placing too many extraneous things into the text.

I also began getting a little nervous because I am approaching my cutoff point from last year, which was 22,716. I am currently at 18,418 and will be at 20,000 by tonight. If only I press past my accomplishment last year, I know that I can succeed in this story. And already, this week is feeling better.

Yesterday, the first day of the third week, I sailed through my word count, having breakfast with a friend of mine in the morning, starting my word count at about noon and finishing it by 3:00, which judging from my weekends so far, has not been the trend.

I also read over a good portion of my novel from last year out of curiosity. Every time I read it again, I think, “Wow, I can do this. I can actually write. Of course, everything needs improvements, but it’s not terrible, and could be great.” I don’t reread my current novel until December, but I am already making plans for making it a published reality. I was thinking of pursuing traditional publishing at first, but now I am thinking of publishing on Smashwords and on as soon as I get a few edits done. I am excited about working out the details and possibly putting out my first published work.

Stay tuned for another update before the end of the month!


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