The Beauty of Facebook

Facebook. We love it, we hate it.

Lately, I’ve been doing more hating it, especially with it being election season. There’s nothing like scrolling through your news feed and becoming a ball of rage. Plus, Facebook has been around a while. We get annoyed with the changes to the interface, privacy concerns, and more. I’ve been on Twitter much more often interacting with people and posting more content.

However, I’ve been thinking about what I do like about Facebook, and some reasons in particular.

For one thing, I left my job at JC Penney in May of this year. I had several coworkers that I thoroughly enjoyed working with, and miss quite a lot. These are people who I felt if I’d had just a little more time to spend with them, we could have been good friends. They all live in my hometown, but usually when I’m home the focus is of course on seeing my family, and most of them will be working while I’m there, and it’ll mostly be that I’ll get to say hi and bye, and that’s about it.

Facebook helps me tune in to what’s going on with them, and keep the communication open. I never really thought about the fact that without Facebook, I’d likely completely lose touch, which is not something that I enjoy happening.

One of my coworkers at Meadowood recently left to move home, all the way across the country. I can still keep in touch with her because of Facebook.

My family is another big one. In recent years, I’ve become more averse to telephone conversations, preferring in-person interactions and writing. Quite a few of my family members have Facebook, and we interact as a group about funny memes we find, news and accomplishments, and just everyday “hello” and “hope you have a great day”. There’s a lot of my cousins I don’t see often, and so haven’t been close to for most of my life, but with Facebook I can keep in touch and know more about what’s going on with them. It’s a great opportunity for me because I am not in the same city with them anymore.

I worked at summer camp at Leoni Meadows Christian Camp and Retreat Center for seven summers, from age 14 to age 20. I met a lot of people in that time frame. My last year working there sticks out for me, because I also worked for two weeks at their sister camp, Redwood Creek in Blue Lake, CA. It’s amazing how you can spend so little time comparatively with people but feel that you really get to know them, and then you never get to see them afterwards. Guess who comes in to save the day? Facebook.

So even on days when Facebook feels asinine, unnecessary, and a major time-waster, I think of these people I want to keep in touch with, that are in the circle of people I care about. If Facebook helps me keep in touch with them, then so be it. I’ll deal with Facebook. The people are the most important part, after all.


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