Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail It In: Work Email

I don’t use email as much anymore except for emailing with a few family members, when I was job-searching, and for work.

As I’ve mentioned before, I work at a landscaping company and for an upscale resort in Napa Valley.
I absolutely love receiving work emails.

Why, do you ask? You’d think most people would want to throw something at their screen most days at work because the emails never stop coming, and just when you think you’re going to get something done, here comes another one.

Since I’m relatively new to my jobs, I don’t get as many emails as I would like to.

I love figuring out new features in my Outlook for both jobs, one which I can’t access the client, and one which I can. I enjoy adding contacts, notes, putting meetings/events on my calendar, and being able to access it all from my iPhone. I even enjoy getting emails outside work hours from my iPhone, and being able to deal with whatever the situation is without even being at work.

Composing an email to a nursery or landscape designer? Excited. Composing an email to a coworker or business in town about something for the Journal? Excited. What’s even better? Getting a prompt response, and being able to answer back as soon as I receive the email!

It is somewhat laughable that I enjoy emails at work as much as I do. I think that it has something to do with the fact that I am fairly new to the "real world" workplace of dealing with work communication, and as a general rule, communication of any kind fascinates me. I think this is why email, marketing, public relations, social media all get a good portion of my undivided attention every day. I know in the future, it’s a possibility that email will become overwhelming, and something that will exhaust me within the first couple of hours I’m in the office. However, I’m going to enjoy the feeling I get when a work email arrives in my inbox and I can stop pressing the send/receive button in Gmail/Outlook to see if the one I’m expecting has come through yet.

This post was part of the Weekly Writing Challenge on WordPress.com. How do you feel about email? What posts did you write for the challenge? Let me know and leave links in the comments! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail It In: Work Email

  1. The Retiring Sort says:

    I ended up buying Outlook at home – I have a personal email account, one I share with my hubby, and one for my blog – all neatly available in one place – with one email contact list that perfectly uploads to my phone and Kindle… AND I can set up categories, use my calendar, flag important messages that need a reply – the same way I did at work. I rarely actually go into AOL or Gmail anymore. 😉


    • Samantha says:

      Wow that sounds rather handy. I haven’t decided whether I want to buy Outlook for my personal computer yet, but sometimes it sounds like a rather good idea. I like that all of my email is accessible from one place on my iPhone, except for one. However, that other work email is only accessible from the Web because I have the one ancient Apple computer at that job and the Outlook is not compatible with the OS or some such. *sigh*. Thanks for coming by and commenting…I’ll have to look more into Outlook for home.


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