Daily Post Challenge: Mundane to Meaningful (Just for Fun)

I am quite thrilled about the advent of the Daily Post Challenge. I missed this past week’s, but I decided to write about it anyway, just for fun.

From Mundane to Meaningful: The Drive Home

My boyfriend and I live a city apart. It’s a fifteen to twenty minute drive, down a hill and through the town I live in.

I try to kiss him goodbye and leave his house by 9:30 every night so I can get home by 10 and into bed by 10:30.  I drive off with my iPhone connected and on shuffle.

As I drive the curvy roads, my mind begins racing out of control as it has a tendency to do.

I usually think about my day, from the challenges and fun parts of my workday, to relaxing with Josh playing games, watching movies, or even just hanging out while I write on my laptop on the couch and he watches his current TV show.

Usually next come the blog ideas, dancing around and tossing bits of brilliant prose across the screen of my mind. Some I capture and manage to practically memorize before they disappear in a puff of smoke. Others vanish as quickly as they came, and I take a moment to quietly mourn their loss.

By this time, I’ve come around the corner off Deer Park Road, where four crosses with beads and flowers laid lovingly on them come into view. My mind instantly jumps to the Honda Civic that held the four young men from my college who were killed in a car accident on this road from driving too quickly down the hill. A brief picture of their faces comes across my mind, and then sweeps away quietly.

As I come to a stop at the bottom of the hill and turn onto Silverado Trail, I pass the line of olive trees that mark one of my workplaces, my Beetle smoothly taking each curve with ease. I turn onto the narrow bridge on Pope Street and make my way through St. Helena to Highway 29. Everything is peaceful and quiet, a sharp contrast to the constant traffic, bustle, and sound of activity during the day. Now it is silent, save for the music coming from my speakers, no one in sight. I sit at the traffic light to turn onto 29 for maybe a minute before it turns green and I sail easily past Southbridge, Gott’s Roadside, and my other workplace. Every single time I marvel at how lucky I am to be here.

Even the street my apartment is on is curvy. I park in my spot in front of the house, gather my computer bag and purse, and walk into my apartment, making sure to message Josh to let him know I’m home. It is a ritual to conclude my day that is productive, relaxing, and brings some closure to the day. With this, I can sleep with ease.

So...what do you think?

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