I’m just starting to finish the process of my first move.

I lived with my boyfriend’s family for a month while waiting for my apartment to become available. However, I don’t think the gravity of moving really hit me until I signed my rent check and began moving into my apartment.

Technically, I’ve moved several times before. I’ve had to move back and forth from camp to home, home to college and back. But I’ve never fully packed up everything I own and not been half still living in my parents’ house. Now I actually live in St. Helena, in my studio apartment on my own, with almost everything I own with me, including keepsakes, old schoolwork, and my bed that hadn’t left my house in the 23 years I lived there. I am beginning to wonder if I had moved at all when I was younger, if this would feel different, or if it would feel exactly the same.

I’ve been spending almost a week trying to unpack everything. My new apartment is tiny, basically one room with a kitchenette, a huge closet and a small bathroom. Even though my room at my parents’ house was a lot smaller, for some reason I am having the hardest time trying to fit everything into my apartment. I am finding that I need to go through and get rid of things I don’t want: books I’ll probably never read again, old schoolwork that isn’t special, clothes I don’t wear, don’t fit or are worn out, etc. I already know I don’t want to move again with the amount of things I have. I only have six pieces of furniture and I am wondering about when I move again how I’m going to handle it all. Maybe renting a U-Haul would be the best option. 🙂

Barring that, there’s also the fact that I moved in on the first night in the middle of the week, while I was working, and working then going home to unpack things is draining. Not to mention the emotions and stress you go through that you don’t even expect from it that drain you even further. Now that my apartment is finally starting to look a little less topsy turvy, I’m feeling better within, but I still think it will take awhile for me to adjust.

One of my coworkers told me that it took about a year and a half for her to really start “nesting” in her apartment. I can already feel that, looking around at the blank walls and not really knowing what to do, not really feeling quite “at home” yet. However, I tend to be pretty adaptable, and have lived for extended periods of time in a lot of different living situations. I know I’ll begin coping before long and eventually relax into “This is mine.”


2 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Tawny says:

    I’m sure that with all of your gorgeous photography, you’ll be able to have your place decorated in no time!
    If you’re looking for small space inspiration, try browsing
    It can seem like a shrine to mid-century modern at times, but amidst all of the uncomfortable looking chairs there are some really good ideas for maximizing small apartments, especially studios. Some of the tours of gorgeous studios that they’ve featured have actually made me wish that I was moving into a studio!


    • Samantha says:

      Hmm, I’ll definitely have to check that out, because I could use some inspiration. 🙂 I feel like everything is kind of cluttered right now, especially because SO MANY BOOKS. Which includes schoolbooks I want to keep and for fun books.


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