Let the Crazy Days Begin!

The first week is coming to a close. It’s been hectic, to say the least.

Monday I woke up at 8:30 a.m. after having a hard time falling asleep the night before. It was 2:30 a.m. before my eyelids finally obeyed me and let me sleep. I dragged myself into the shower, knowing that not getting enough sleep definitely wasn’t the best start to my week.

I managed to finish my laundry, pack my clothes, hug my dad goodbye and leave my house by 10:00 a.m., so I could fill my car with gas and grab a chai latte to keep me awake before work. I spent the day running around keeping my fitting room clean, helping customers, and toward the end of the day in the middle of a switcheroo that landed me in misses by myself while the line piled up over and over again. The person who had been scheduled had called in, so both me and my coworker in juniors had been placed in misses until they could find someone to fill in. By the time 7:00 rolled around, I felt pretty beat. Still, I had to throw my stuff in my car and head out onto Highway 12 to drive into Napa Valley.

When I make this drive, I’m usually constantly listening to music/singing at the top of my lungs, so the first part of the journey went quickly. Then around Suisun City, Josh called me and I found a new way to talk on the phone hands-free (by sticking my iPhone in the sunvisor so the speaker is sticking out). I even managed to stop on my way into Napa and take a photo of the gorgeous sunset that I was ranting about halfway there.

Pretty, right? I was so sad when driving along Highway 12 that there is really no place to stop to take pictures until Napa. Actually…I am sad about this all the time.

I finally arrived in Angwin around 9:00, and stopped at the college market to take down apartment listings on my phone, then drove up to Josh’s house. He was waiting for me when I got there as usual to help me take my bags in. This time, included was my gigantic camera bag that came with my Rebel. It exponentially increases my need for help when leaving or going to his house.

I had been expecting to take photos the next morning, but hadn’t yet received confirmation of this. Josh and I played some Diablo III for awhile until I needed to get ready for bed so I could work at Meadowood in the morning.

It’s been over a month that I’ve been working at Meadowood now, and I love it. I spend my five hours each day researching places to feature in the Journal, figuring out what’s going on around Meadowood itself, and lately, working on some redesign ideas for the Journal. I’m really enjoying being able to manage a publication, even with its limited creative possibility. Plus, everyone I’ve come across is incredibly friendly, and the atmosphere doesn’t feel stressful. In researching for the Journal, too, I discover more things that would be fun to do and places to visit. I’m definitely wanting to visit both Bouchon Bakery in Yountville and Oakville Grocery for picnic supplies. And of course there’s Dean and Deluca and their fabulous peach smoothies that I am planning on indulging on quite often once I’m all moved up there.

When I was done for the day, I called Dexter Estate Landscapes (my new job) to find out when I was taking photos for them. We settled on Wednesday morning and evening, and I realized I’d be going to bed pretty early. I emailed a landlord on a potential apartment and went upstairs with my iPad to get ready to sleep. It’s amazing sometimes how sleep hits you like a freight train at times. One minute, I was wide awake, reading WordPress and LiveJournal, and the next minute my eyelids were made of iron and I was attempting to put my iPad up away from the bed without dropping it on my face.

The next morning, I woke up at 5:45 a.m. and showered, got dressed, gathered up clothes to change into for Meadowood, and loaded my camera equipment into my car to drive to Yountville. I was photographing the “before” pictures for a landscaping job there. I arrived at the road the site was located on, but became extremely confused by the road numbers. Admittedly, I am known for my lack of a sense of direction, but I have gotten better and know how street numbers work. I had taken Silverado Trail to get to Yountville Crossroad, and the street numbers were going down as I drove instead of going up as I expected them to be. Frustrated, I called to find out if I had the address wrong. Finally, I found the place, and much to my dismay, had figured out that I had transposed the last two numbers of the address, which was part of the reason why I hadn’t found it.

Lindsay, who will be training me for my new job in the next few weeks, met me at the job site to give me more instructions on what shots they wanted. After taking a walk around the property with her, I felt more comfortable with what they wanted and took the liberty to walk another circuit around the site and take lots of photos. It felt good to pick up my camera again, and I was mostly pleased with the results. I was a bit miffed to find that the entire driver’s side carpet of my car was coated with dust, as were my shoes and the bottom of my jeans.

I then drove to Calistoga, where I took photos at a new winery named Aubert. The morning light was starting to fade, so I finished up my photos and drove back to St. Helena to meet Lindsay at the office.

She made a phone call to arrange my shoot for that evening, and I left to work at Meadowood. I parked in my usual spot above the Court House, and proceeded to change my pants in my backseat. As roomy as the front seat of my Beetle is, the back seat is not. I’m sure anyone who had happened to walk by would have been confused by the splay of arms and legs visible through the windows. After having pulled a muscle in my back and getting my into my work clothes successfully, I gathered up my bag, phone, and keys and walked down to the office.

The rest of my crazy week is to come! Stay tuned for Let the Crazy Days Begin, part 2.


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