A New Leaf

It’s May 21, 2012, and I’m about to embark on what is possibly going to be two of the craziest weeks that I’ve had in a long time.

In short, the next two weeks I will:

  • end my seven month stint at JCPenney (my last day is Saturday, and I work every day there except Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • head to Napa Valley to work at Meadowood Tuesday and Wednesday
  • do garden photographs for my new job (yay!) in the early morning and sunset hours
  • look for an apartment in Angwin
  • view the senior thesis exhibition at PUC since I input for one of them
  • begin moving my whole life to Angwin, CA.

I don’t think it’s really hit me yet that it’s real. That I’m actually moving out of my parents’ house, that I’m actually going to be on my own, the very thing I’ve been pining over for months. As far as my budget shows, I won’t be scrounging to save my last dollars for my next paycheck, dipping out my savings because I have no money, or wondering how I’m going to pay for my next trip up to Napa Valley. I’m done with that. I’m moving there. I’m turning over a new leaf.

It’s exciting for me, yet it’s sad. Basically my entire family is here in Stockton. I’m only two hours away, but it’s still a drive and even when I was in college, every time I came home I felt like I was missing parts of my younger cousins’ lives because they grow so fast, I was missing family time. Even quitting at JCPenney: even though I will definitely not miss the work itself or the infuriating aspects of the job, I will miss the people I’ve worked with for the past seven months. There’s people that I feel if I had more time with them we could be great friends, and there just hasn’t been enough. There’s people that I bashed heads with at first and couldn’t stand, but then learned a mutual respect for and will miss a lot. My mom reminded me it is hard to move on.

I’ll update more as these two weeks move along. I hope that they’ll give me some more perspective on how life will be now. I’m excited, determined, and prepared to seize the day. There’s so much I want to do, see, live, write, and photograph that there isn’t time for it all, but I know being in Napa Valley will be an excellent start.

4 thoughts on “A New Leaf

  1. Tawny says:

    Congratulations! Your new job sounds very fun, and I hope that apartment hunting goes smoothly. About a month ago I was apartment hunting in Virginia (by the way, I’m moving to Virginia in the fall) and it was a singularly frustrating experience, mostly because we were trying to fit all of our tours in on one day and make a choice during the one weekend that we were visiting Charlottesville.
    My advice, take your time looking for a place and definitely take tours of the places you’re thinking about. Also call the police department and ask about crime in that apartment complex


    • Samantha says:

      Thanks! and you’re moving to Virginia? That will be cool. 🙂 The one nice thing is that there won’t be TOO many things to choose from, which can be nice and not so nice. Angwin is such a small town that the one apartment complex is owned by PUC and then there’s little adorable studio apartments that are usually occupied by students during the year. I’m hoping once graduation is over there will be more available, but I have a couple I want to go look at right now. 🙂


  2. Laureen says:

    I’m so happy for you my dear cousin. You are going to do so well because it is in you to be successful. I know it feels strange but this is what you’ve been working toward and that’s what it feels like to succeed! WOO HOO! Expect visits after I’m done with school! =)


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