Sometimes “Lightning” Does Strike Twice.

In the usual sense, the sayings “lightning doesn’t strike twice” or “opportunity only comes knocking once” are true. In this case, I am very excited that these statements did not turn out to be true.

Sometime in August or September, my friend Katelynn ended her job at Meadowood Napa Valley as the journal coordinator. She offered to put my name in for the position, as they would be needing someone to fill it as soon as possible. It was a great part-time position to consider, but without another job to live there on, I told her it was okay and she ended up recommending someone else for the job.

It’s been about eight months since that happened, and the person she recommended had to leave the position because of school and other work commitments. My college advisor sent me an email notifying me of the position’s availability, and told me it’d be a great opportunity to get my foot in the door.

I considered this, and decided it was worth a shot. Anything to get me in the door in the Valley is worth it.

I emailed the public relations manager at Meadowood asking about the position, and sent her my resume as well as short cover email. She quickly responded to me and set up a phone interview. Before I knew it, I had an interview scheduled that week since I’d be up there visiting Josh already.

I had another interview for a more full-time position in the Valley as well that week, and as I slowly drove into Meadowood for my interview, I felt nervous, but confident because of the recommendation I knew that my advisor had given me. I drove up to the communication building, remembering with a laugh taking Katelynn to work and dealing with the steep hills in my Honda Civic, when my Beetle takes them a little better than it did. I found a parking spot that overlooked the building that was just big enough for my Beetle to fit in, then walked down.

Jenn, the public relations manager; and Jenna, the marketing coordinator; greeted me at the door to their office. They led me into the conference room in the Court House. Like everything at Meadowood, the room was gorgeous. As my interview began, I began to realize that I wanted the job quite a lot. It utilized my writing skills, working with a daily publication, and I was pretty sure I was going to immensely enjoy working with Jenn and Jenna. After my interview, I made sure to send a thank you email along with a couple of writing samples to showcase my InDesign know-how. I simply hoped for the best.

This past Tuesday, I received a call in the morning from Jenn, asking me to call her back. My phone had somehow ended up on the floor during the night, and I didn’t receive her voicemail until 11:00 a.m. I hurried to call her back.

I was delighted to hear her offer me the job of Journal Coordinator.

Although I am still waiting to hear from the other job in Napa Valley, I am very excited to have this job. Currently I will be halfway in two places, which I know will be somewhat hard, but I know I’m going to enjoy myself, and my income is going to double. I feel like this is a great step in the right direction, and I am really excited about getting started.

Sometimes “lightning” does strike twice. 🙂

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