Maybe Next Time.

For two weeks I sat in suspense waiting for news from St. Helena Hospital. I agonized over exactly how many people could have even known about the job, the fact that one of my friends unknowingly applied for the same one, and whether I had sold my skills enough to be the person that they were looking for. I applied for a few other jobs, filling out the online application for holiday hours at Target and as a full-time cashier at Staples. I answered questions about whether I’d ever started a fist fight with my coworkers or taken money out of the till as a cashier.

Finally, one morning, I looked through my email inbox on my iPad while I was combing my hair. I found an email message from the community services director at St. Helena Hospital. She thanked me for my interest in the position, let me know that they had decided not to fill the position, and to continue to look for more opportunities on their website.

I felt a giant wave of disappointment wash over me. I wasn’t sure whether to feel happy that someone else hadn’t taken the position or just sad that I couldn’t take the position myself. However, I understood and was happy that they had taken the time to give me a response.

Back on the bandwagon I go. Last week I applied at two temporary agencies in Stockton: Premier and Hedy Holmes. I am going to start calling in for jobs at Premier tomorrow, and took a typing test today at Hedy Holmes. Now, I have my 92 word per minute typing certificate in tow, maybe I can get a receptionist job, either temporarily or on my own in order to start making some money. It has to happen soon, that’s for sure.

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