A Third Interview

As I was leaving to visit Josh for his birthday, I received an enthusiastic Facebook comment from my amazing college advisor, letting me know that she had people to recommend me to in Napa Valley. She had read my blog and had a few companies to refer me to.

Excited, I emailed her back as soon as I arrived at Josh’s. By the next morning, I had an introduction email from the VP of marketing at St. Helena Hospital.

To be honest, I hadn’t even considered the thought of working at the hospital. It’s only a couple miles away from the college I attended, and if I worked there, I’d live in Angwin, which is where I was wanting to live if I was working anywhere between Napa and Santa Rosa. Still, for some reason, it hadn’t clicked. I suppose it was because I was ignorant to the job opportunities I could have.

I sent the VP a few writing samples and my resume, and he let me know his assistant would be in touch to schedule a time to meet. I knew I’d be in the area until Thursday, so scheduled our meeting for Thursday afternoon. I hadn’t been expecting to have an interview while I was in Angwin, so had to go on an emergency shopping trip to grab some dress pants and made do with a nice shirt I had brought with me.

I arrived at the hospital a few minutes early, and quickly found the marketing department. I sat down and was greeted by the VP himself. After a few minutes, he brought me into his office to wait for the community services director. (She does quite a few jobs, I was impressed that she juggles them all.) We talked about my classes in college, about books, about what I was planning on doing with my degree, and then the community services director arrived. We went over some of the same topics, and then they explained the position to me and some of the programs that would be implemented within the hospital. The more they told me about the job, from writing about patients’ positive experiences, to getting information to each department smoothly, to updating the newsletters and information boards in the hospital, I began to want the job more and more. It sounded like at the very least a great start: something that I could do well and enjoy.

As our meeting ended and I shook both of their hands, I got that familiar knotted feeling in my stomach that let me know I wanted this position and my hopes for it were skyrocketing. The community services director gave me her card and told me to email or call if I had any other questions about the position.

I drove back to Josh’s house, thinking of sitting at a desk writing the newsletter for the hospital, of moving my stuff into my apartment, of driving to work every day. It was a good daydream.


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