The World Is Changing.

In my last two years of college especially, I began discovering that working now is not like it was for my parents or my grandparents.

In their generations, it was about getting one stable job that they enjoyed, working that one job for their whole career, reaping the medical/dental/vision benefits, and eventually retiring when they were old enough to, and enjoying their retirement from then on.

This didn’t necessarily happen for my parents, but that focus was similar. My dad did 21 years with the City of Stockton before they forced him to retire, and my mom still has four or five more years with the school district before she can even consider the thought of retirement.

For my generation, it seems like the entire system has  turned up-side down.

First of all, a lot of us that are just graduating college are having trouble finding a job, or had trouble finding the internships to get us a job after college. A good amount of graduates from my college are working at the college now because their employers there wanted to keep them on, and of course it is easier to find a job with people who know that you are a good worker and will take a chance on you. More than ever, our generation is taking part-time jobs and freelancing to make ends meet or even dream of the thought of moving out of our parents’ houses. A full-time job is something that we keep pushing for, but maybe don’t obtain for a while.

One of the bloggers I follow here on WordPress has told me to consider these options, while I have been frantically searching for a full-time job. Working part-time scares me…especially in the area where I want to move. The rent, gas, insurance, school loans are too much: I’d be scraping by. I could freelance work on the side, but now I don’t even know how to get freelance jobs.

The fact is, however, that times are changing. Will most of us stay in that one great job we find for the rest of our career? Or will we hop around, freelancing, taking part-time jobs and even smaller jobs outside possible full-time ones. Will we have enough years at one job to garner retirement, health benefits? How does society need to change?

What do you think? Do you think the workforce is changing dramatically? Or do you think it is possible that once the economy calms down, that the workforce will return to something more reminiscent of past generations?

One thought on “The World Is Changing.

  1. Tawny says:

    I think that it really depends on the field that you are in. Ive noticed that in engineering or academics it seems that people are still looking for, and occasionally getting those jobs that last for twenty years. New college grads usually have their first job for two years or less then move on to a job that they will have for years and years. It has gotten harder with the economy and layoffs have increased in some industries though, which is incredibly unfortunate.

    I think that you should definitely try freelancing, or working part time. It shows your excellent work ethic!

    Best of luck samantuela!


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