The Beauty of

On one random glorious day, I discovered the amazingness of They carry tons of job postings from all over the Web, and have landed me sources of interesting jobs from companies that are legitimate. It’s also less sketchy than Craigslist.

On this fine day, I ran into an ad for Stockton’s Enterprise Rent-A-Car. They were looking for a management trainee. Intrigued, I applied for the position and took the skills test. It was mostly on a whim, since I don’t usually see myself as the “management type”. I’m all about collaboration while still standing my ground, rather than telling other people what to do. This is why eventually, when I have enough practice and skill, I’m going to freelance write from home, and blog like mad. Feedback from others, yet no one else telling me what I have to do (as much).

The ad said I would hear back from a recruiter within a week. Seeing as my past track record for hearing back from companies wasn’t great, I didn’t think much of it.

Less than a week later, I received an email from Enterprise with the formulated “we are pursuing other candidates” message. Oddly, I also had a missed call and voicemail. Curious, I listened to the voicemail. It was also from Enterprise, from the same person who had sent the email, inviting me to one of their information sessions. She told me it would take place next week, that it was required to be considered for any position, and that she was excited to meet me.

I looked back and forth from my phone to my open email in confusion. So…did they want me or not?

I emailed her back, letting her know I’d like to come to the information session, and asking about my rejection email, then left for my family’s picnic.

Later that day, I received the information and a list of questions to answer for the information session, along with an apology for the misdirected rejection email. As I read through Enterprise’s benefits and company attributes, it began to look like a company I might want to work for. I had the weekend to mentally prepare.

So...what do you think?

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