Patience is a Virtue.


When you’re job hunting, you do a lot of waiting.

Every time you send a job application, you wait for however long it takes before you give up hope that they will ever respond to you.

It could be two-three weeks, a month, and you haven’t heard anything. Do you give up? Do you try again?

For most jobs, I’m usually thinking, “Well, I didn’t really want that job anyway.”

Some jobs, it’s a little more painful. Especially if it was a PR agency, a job where I would get to write or copy-edit, or anything having to do with photography.

Waiting is even worse when you’ve already had an interview and two weeks later, you still haven’t heard, even though you should have known by the middle of the following week.

I sent a follow-up email to Solage, thanking the human resources director and the guest services manager for the interview, letting them know how much I enjoyed our conversation, as well as reinforcing my skills and attributes that had been discussed.

A month or so later, I closed my post office box in Angwin, where I had gone to college. I had been holding out until it expired to see if I would be able to move back up. In my forwarded mail, I received a postcard letting me know that they were pursuing other candidates.

Well, at the time, that’s what they thought.

So...what do you think?

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