Breaking News: We Like You, But Not Enough.

After my interview at the Chamber of Commerce, the office manager informed me that I should hear from them by the middle of the following week.

So I waited. I went to visit Josh. I had my interview at Solage. I checked my phone for missed calls and G-Mail notifications every five minutes.

Wednesday arrived. Nothing.

Friday came and went. Still nothing.

Both of my parents and Josh insisted that I should call them to find out what happened.

Now here is where I should tell you a little something about myself: I hate calling people I don’t know or barely know. I get nervous and my heart beats fast, and I just avoid it and put it off as long as possible. When I actually do it, most people say that I sounded professional and everything was just fine, but I still feel clumsy and like I’m stumbling over my words.

Needless to say, I didn’t call. I wrote an email.

A couple of hours later, I already had a response.

The CEO stated that she was impressed with my social skills and enthusiasm, and knew that I would be great in any position that I found. However, they had found that another applicant was the best fit for the position.

A sense of relief washed over me in knowing the outcome, but I still wanted to cry. I knew that I would have enjoyed that position and probably would have been great at it. It was also disappointing because I had allowed myself to believe that I was a shoe-in.

It was from that point on that I knew that job-hunting was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Who knew such a letdown could be contained in two short paragraphs?

5 thoughts on “Breaking News: We Like You, But Not Enough.

  1. Lanston Sylvester says:

    Welcome to life Samantha. Every disappointment is a pause before your appointment. Every stumblingblock will prove to be your stepping stone. Feeling discouraged and disappointed is normal; just don’t live there. Praying that you land something soon.


    Pastor Sylvester


  2. Sharvil says:

    How ironic and frustrating this world can be clearly your showing it.
    I second to your thoughts.
    But you don’t look for a job, dear writer ( don’t know ur name sorry )
    the job should look for you.
    the only way to live life is. “doing what you like wherever you like”
    so if you are looking for a job and you don’t get it, don’t be upset, you can still do the job! the question is not about WHERE to do it, you can do it from wherever if you have the interest.
    Unless if it is about the money, which I am most def. sure it is not.
    follow your passion. good lucky dear writer 🙂

    love your writing skills.


    • Samantha says:

      Thank you so much! This was a very encouraging comment. The only area that money worries me is being able to support myself and move out sometime in the near future, but you’re right-following my passion is the best favor I can do for myself. 🙂


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