Spontaneity and The Second Interview.

I’m sitting at Josh’s house, still in my pajamas and hoodie, playing Rock Band on characters with green and purple hair and madder guitar/drum skills than either he or I had, when my cell phone rang.

Josh paused the game and hopped over to where my phone was about to buzz off the TV tray the Xbox sits on. He looked at the screen and said, “I think you’re going to want to answer this.”

He throws me the phone,  and I pick it up. “Hello?”

“Hi, this is Solage Calistoga. May I speak to Samantha Owens please?”

“This is Samantha.”

“Hi! I was going over your application, and we have a full-time operator position open. We would like you to interview for it. When can you come in?”

I was a bit flabbergasted. I hadn’t heard a peep from anywhere I’d applied in the Valley until now. “How about today?”

“Oh that’s wonderful!  How about today at 4:00?”

“Sure, that sounds great.” I looked at Josh in a half-panic, since I hadn’t brought my car up this trip.

“Oh good! Thanks for being so flexible. So we’ll see you at 4:00, then?”

“Of course, I’ll see you then.” I hung up the phone, shocked at the whole chain of events. Five minutes ago I’d been playing Rock Band and now I had a job interview that I needed to get ready for. Good thing I’d brought my trusty blue job-hunting dress.

We both frenzied to shower and get ready before we needed to make the fifteen minute drive to Calistoga. I left him sitting under one of the awnings in a wicker chair to relax while I walked over to Human Resources.

I walked in the door, said hello to the secretary, and took a seat at the table with the applications and a brochure about the resort. The human resources director and the guest services manager came and greeted me, and brought me into the director’s office.

I felt a lot more relaxed at this interview, considering it’d been unexpected and I’d had very little time to freak out about it. They asked me questions about college and my classes I’d taken, and about my work experience.

When I informed them that I’d been working jobs since I was eleven years old, they both seemed impressed. “You really know a lot about this working thing,” the director remarked, leaning back in her chair studying me. I nodded, and said that I had a lot of work experience but most of it was at school or at summer camp, but it didn’t mean it was any less valuable.

The interview ended with the director telling me that their main goal was to help the customers that come to the resort to have a great time, and it is our job to help them have the best vacation they possibly can have.  I agreed with her, giving her my own spiel about it, and I watched their faces, hoping that I would make this last impression on them. I was hoping that she’d give me the key to moving back to Napa Valley, to the keys to my apartment, to breakfast at Dean and Deluca, to coffee at Napa Valley Roasting Company.

The director and the manager both stood and shook my hand. “If you have any questions, just give me a call,” said the director, showing me out of the office.

I let out a giant breath that I didn’t realize I’d been holding once I got back to where Josh was sitting.

“How’d it go?” he asked.

“I think it went well,” I said slowly. “I hope I get the job. Or one of these jobs, at least.”

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